CASE TWO: The Phone Call

Scene One: The Phone Call Delivered
Dear Katherine


Thank you for your email.


Please follow the below links to access the audios file of the conversation you had with my colleague James yesterday. Please let me know if you encounter any difficulties in trying to access the calls;


Part 1 -


Part 2 –


You may notice when listening to the call that there is a third part that we have not provided. This part of the call does not seem to have been recorded due to a technical error with our call recording software. I have spoken to James and he has told me that this was a brief conclusion to the call, however, if you feel there is information that you need, which was discussed in this part, I would be happy to call you and clarify any of the points made.


I hope you find this information useful. Please feel free to contact me using the contact details below if you have any further questions.


Kind regards



Sean Kelly
Officer, Customer Services

Arts Council England


0845 300 6200

Scene Two: TBC

If you listen to any of this phone call,

I suggest starting at Part Two - 12.50minutes and listening through to 16.16minutes.