Balancing Acts

produced by Kaleido Film Collective & Feral Foxy Ladies


                                                                                          (PUBLIC REVIEW, 2016)

 “it delivers quite a punch… it connects with an emotional realness that is as arresting as it is rare… Vince is an incredibly physical performer- she brings mental processes into the physical realm, thus adding yet another dimension to its multifaceted treatment of its theme.”

                                                                                          (A YOUNGER THEATRE)


   25-29 January 2017 18:30

   VAULT Festival

Balancing Acts invites you to share in intimate stories of struggle, strength and resistance. This solo-performance incorporates audio interviews, film, verbatim, and physical theatre to open up and respond to the honest and hopeful accounts of six individuals dealing with depression, who find different and diverse ways to cope: from diving and sex to song.

The performance aims to build a deeper emotional and sensorial insight into the experience of depression, encourage new conversations and explore ways to deal with and potentially overcome it.


“I absolutely loved Balancing Acts - one of the stand out shows for me of our season at CPT.”

Amber Massie-Blomfield, Executive Director, Camden People's Theatre